WhatsApp Monitoring Keeps Your Kids Safe from Online Predators

WhatsApp is, undoubtedly, one of the best instant messaging services. Both children and teens alike use this service to communicate with others every day. This app is majorly popular among young generation because it allows them to exchange messages with others instantly for free. However, sometimes, WhatsApp monitoring is required.

Like other social media platforms and instant messaging services, WhatsApp is also plagued with several online dangers. However, the biggest threat would be the presence of online predators on the platform. Online predators are people who prey on young and vulnerable children and have bad intentions.

Apart from online predators, cyberbullying, pornography, and sexting are a few online threats that are grown on WhatsApp’s platform. We need to understand first whether or not WhatsApp is safe for our children to use.

Are Children Safe on WhatsApp?

The answer is no. Children are not completely safe on WhatsApp. The app is generally safe to use but it may not be completely safe for children. As we mentioned above, several online threats are lurking on the platform. One of which is the presence of evil-minded people, the sexual predators.

We need to understand that sexual predators are present everywhere on the internet, especially WhatsApp. Some way or the other, they get access to a child’s cell phone number, add them on WhatsApp and begin talking to them. Since young children cannot draw a comparison between right and wrong, they become friends with the predators and start communicating with them.

Once they form a friendship with children, sexual predators demand inappropriate pictures and videos from them. These pictures and videos may then be used against children for blackmailing purpose. They may even make these pictures and videos viral on the internet and get money against them.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to admit that our children are not safe on WhatsApp. We never know who they start talking on the app and what sort of messages they begin exchanging with them. Hence, it is really important to keep an eye on our children’s WhatsApp chats to know what they have been up to.

Use WhatsApp Monitoring Tools

Now that you have understood that children are not safe on WhatsApp, we need to find out how we can protect them on the platform. The first thing we can do is start monitoring their WhatsApp activity. Yes, you heard that right.

WhatsApp monitoring tools can be used to keep tabs on your child’s WhatsApp activity. These tools could be parental control or monitoring apps, designed to monitor someone’s cell phone and online activity. When you have set up a WhatsApp monitoring tool on your child’s cell phone, you can find out who your child interacts with on the app and what kind of messages they exchange with them.

In case you ever find your child sending and receiving messages from an online predator, you can take the cell phone from them and immediately report the predator. This will help keep your child away from the reach of an evil-minded person.

WhatsApp monitoring has become essential in the digital age because we cannot simply afford to leave children on their own when they are using the internet. Just like we want our children to feel safe in real world, we also want them to feel secure while using the internet and social media apps.

It may be wrong to stop your child from using WhatsApp altogether. The best solution would be learning how to hack your child’s WhatsApp account by deploying a parental control solution or a monitoring app on their cell phone and keeping an eye on their WhatsApp activity all the time.

As a parent, you will find out what your child has been doing and intervene when your child feels threatened or harassed by a stranger on the app.

Post Author: Donald Morgan

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