What Different Types Of Hackers Are There?

Generally, hackers are classified into two kinds- the white hat hacker and the black hat hacker. But there is also another classification of red hat hacker, which is not known to many and is a relative mediation between the white hat and the black hat. The white hat hackers are largely the ethical hackers, who use the ethical methodology and techniques such as reporting to restrain a black hat hacker.

On the other hand, the black hat hacker is the complete opposite and uses unethical ways and methodologies to work. This means that the individual does not obey any law and uses his ability for illegal purposes. Now you might think “what is a red hat hacker?”

In simple words, a red hat hacker is someone who draws mediation between the other two. He knows the basics of coding and uses it to control the black hat hackers. He uses his concepts in unethical ways to undertake the ethical step. 


Red hat hackers will use violent ways to take control of black hat hackers. According to his capabilities, he can also destroy the black hat hacker’s computer. So now you have quite an answer when asked what is a red hat hacker? 

But this job is extremely difficult which explains why there are not a lot of red hat hackers. They are not completely right because their methods are wrong. But the fact is that their intentions are right and they use their knowledge for the right purpose. They are in fact, the smartest ones in the entire industry, which explains their small number.


A red hat hacker is essentially a white hat hacker that implements harsh punishments for the black hat fellow hacker. Hence, first things first, he should know to code. If not that, he could start leaning coding for the required skill. Then he can acquire a certification that will further boost your spirit as well as make you want to work the next day.

He should learn the basics of the business and by using technical approvals for being a pro at the required skill set. This is the most crucial step because, without the required knowledge, he can’t make just use of that. Hence, being a red hat hacker is not the easiest task in the job, and yet you’re not ethical.


Post Author: Floyd Benson

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