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Gravity Frameworks the most powerful

In the small world of WordPress form plugins the big winner is Gravity Frameworks. From far away. Already present in our selection of the best WordPress plugins, it allows you to make simple frameworks as well as complex conversion tunnels with a very well thought drag and drop editor. Functional depth is the best on the market and connections with third-party tools too. In addition, it is one of the few form plugins to offer integrations to complete the panel. With the Genesis Framework Coupon Code 2020 this is the best deal now.

Here are some key features of Gravity Frameworks:

  • More than 30 ready-made form templates
  • Integration of conditional logic (proposes a question only if a condition is met)
  • Integrates email notifications
  • Ability to put document downloads
  • Ability to save your tests and continue later
  • Integrates a calculator in the form

Inbound marketing, the BtoB methodology that has exploded in recent years, is becoming a major concern for digital business managers. How to set up your digital strategy? While companies with an allocated budget can meet this need “fairly easily” using marketing automation software, many SMEs are instead looking for ancillary solutions. That’s why we decided to present you a working methodology to create your inbound marketing strategy with WordPress. Through this guide, we will offer you all the tools best suited to implement your inbound strategy from A to Z, at a lower cost. And proof to support since we offer a summary of costs at the end of the article. Ready to follow the guide?

Why create an inbound marketing strategy with WordPress?

Let’s be clear before we start. The goal is not to give you a solution that allows you to do without marketing automation solutions. These tools often do a high level job that you will not be able to copy through this guide. 

  • Disadvantage, they often represent a significant investment that all companies cannot afford to pay. 
  • But the idea and rather to answer a specific need.
  • How to set up an inbound marketing strategy at a lower cost, allowing me to reach a first level of objectives and make my actions profitable? 
  • Profitability that will allow you in a second time to use a more suitable and professional solution. And for that, WordPress has some assets to make.

The stages of inbound marketing

To guide you through the various tools that will help you define you’re inbound marketing strategy, what is better than taking the traditional steps of an inbound tunnel? We therefore propose to review these four steps and to see the actions to be carried out step by step.

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