The Essential Options for the Perfect CRM Learning Experience

In the department, Yoda has over the years hired, trained and trained a wide range of Jedi Knights who do not cope with a single challenge, regardless of character. Yes, this is how many sales departments see themselves. And it is not without reason. This is exactly the confidence we want to send to customers.

The Smart CRM

A CRM system and sales theories, pipeline management and lead management are not something everyone learns by heart. In fact, there are astonishingly few departments that boast much more than scraping the paintwork. And in this hectic department, data is used on a need-to-know basis. And what does that mean? This means that when your 2 hour CRM training course is complete and you expect the sales department to have consumed all the data, registered it in a log file, and then 120% tuned CRM users act, you are mistaken. The use of the online crm system comes essential there.

How do you set up your CRM training course?

It is very different how big your need for a coordinated CRM intro course can be. It all depends on the complexity you are trying to implement. I have previously written a blog post You must crawl before you can go touching on the benefits of a so-called phase divided CRM implementation. The idea behind it is that you bite over small chunks and therefore get the correct user adaptation faster, and to a greater extent avoid what everyone fears at the moment, a poor and therefore expensive CRM implementation. Read the blog post if you want to know more about what it is about. With the use of the crm systems you can have the best deals.

  • There are some common, scalable tools that can be used during the start of the CRM training. There are none of these that are further innovative and you know for sure everyone. For unreasonable reasons, they are rarely used when implementing CRM. They are listed here in the order they should be clear. It can also be used as a learning management software now.

CRM implementation tools

  • Online CRM guide in writing. 
  • Training of one CRM super user per ten employees. (Preferably two per ten at startup. If necessary, use an external CRM consultant on an hourly basis as needed)
  • CRM Education Intro (Phase 1)
  • CRM education follow-up (phase 2)
  • CRM education follow-up (phase 3 optional)

It may look like a big mouthful, but it doesn’t have to be bigger than what is needed. CRM education intro can be anywhere from 1 hour to a full day. It depends on how big a mouthful you have missed in Phase 1. My position on this is that if your CRM teaching requires more than 4 hours, you have lost too much. We understand that this can seem like a big investment, having to take a larger workforce out of business to teach new IT, even several times. But you will cry salty tears when you pay to learn the importance of NOT doing it.

Online CRM guide

You can have the best CRM intro at all. But there will always be things that aren’t stuck with everyone. A solid CRM online guide is a good tool that you as employees can consult when in doubt if a super user is unavailable, or you know that you should have listened better.

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