The revenue of a company is the total income received from its business activities. The powerful giant companies of the world have incredible amounts of dollars in their accounts.

Have a look at the earning and the worth of technology companies.







5.Alphabet Inc.-$90.2B


2.Samsung Electronics-$173.9B

1.Apple Inc.-$265.5B

Sony: This Tech Giant has a total worth of about$70.1 billion dollars according to Forbes. This technology company worth put it on 10th rank.

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Huawei: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This Company produces various electronics products including smartphones with their own Hardware chips. This tech company’s worth is about $78.5 billion dollars.

IBM: IBM was the first company to make Hard drives and the oldest one. Its total worth is $79.9 billion dollars that ranked on 8th position.

Microsoft: Having a massive worth of about $85.3 billion dollars, Microsoft ranked at 6th position in this list. Microsoft is a hub of technology producing hardware to software products. The most popular one is Windows OS which you might be using right now.

Apple Inc: Apple ranked at the top in this list with a whopping balance of about $264.5 billion dollars. Apple is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in this world. Its products include iPhone, Macbooks, iPads and many more.

These are the worth of Technology companies ranging from Apple to Sony. Many others companies are trying hard to get on this list. So, the future of 2018 may be of them. Let’s see and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as soon as possible.

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