Responsive Web Design What is it?

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It is clear that today all, or almost all, company needs a website. We also know that Internet users, and therefore of such websites, do not access them only through computers. There are many devices that are used daily for this purpose, such as tablets or mobile phones; the latter are becoming the main instruments for surfing the net. For this reason, web designers seek constant methods to adapt their designs to these new devices, this is when the new “responsive” web design comes into play.

What do We Mean by Responsive Design?

Adaptive Web design Jeddah is a web design and development technique that, through the use of fluid structures and images, manages to adapt the website to the user’s environment. That is, the objective of Responsive design is to avoid creating different web versions for each of the devices that can use a web page.

This means going beyond having a fluid design. Making a web page with “Web design Jeddah” means making a single web design that is sensitive to the different screen widths of each device and that is receptive to different interaction methods used by the user (click, mouse click, drag, etc.).

What other Advantages does Responsive Web Design have?

Google likes responsive, and you like your website to be positioned in Google, so do not talk anymore! Google in the latest updates is starting to better position websites that have responsive design, especially if the search comes from a mobile device. 

Every day new devices, new screen sizes, the televisions start to have access to the Internet and already have browsers, video consoles also offer web browsing. Are you going to be pending to modify your website or launch a version for each device? That is not viable, get ahead of events and prepare your website for the future.

Do you want a responsive web or do you want a mobile web version and another computer web version? We can help you decide by valuing the advantages and requirements of each of these options.

Regarding the advantages of web design, the following must be said:

  • Reduces development and maintenance costs for multipurpose devices.
  • Google has publicly said that it will value these types of designs more and will better position these pages in the search engine.
  • It facilitates the publication and avoids the repetition of contents.
  • It improves the user experience since the website you visit adapts to the navigation of any device.

In summary we can say that we are facing the new Web design Jeddah that in the near future will have all websites and that will improve the user experience. If you are interested in adapting your website to a responsive design and need more information, contact us through this form. We will be happy to advise you on what you need.

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