We are all familiar with the various add-ons on like Exodus. Kodi makes our life easier as it contains basically all the content for free. The best part about Kodi is that it is an open source software application. The feature enables anyone to improve the software and make it better.

There are tons of new Kodi add-ons like Exodus and Uranus. In this article, I will explain to you how to install Uranus on Kodi latest version 17.6 Krypton. Uranus Add-on comes with tons of new and updated features like Unlimited movies with subtitles and unlimited TV shows.

So, get ready to watch all the latest and favorite movies.

I am going to explain all the features and capabilities of Uranus so that you can get most out of it.

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Uranus Add-on for Kodi

Uranus is located in Blamo repository and comes with some interesting features.

It still works on the simple old model and provides you content through 3rd party websites. It fetches and examines each link and if first is not working then it will scan the second one. In this way, it works.

It is capable of showing Movies in HD. So, we don’t have to worry about the quality.

How to Install Uranus on Kodi Latest 17.6?

It’s really easy to install Uranus on Kodi. What we will need is only a Blamo Repo URL.

I am going to explain each and every step with screenshots. Make sure to follow all of them.

1. Open Kodi and click on Gear Icon in the top left corner.

install uranus on kodi

2. Now, click on File Manager.

install uranus on kodi

3. Here you will see directories. Simply choose “Add Sources”.

install uranus on kodi

4. Now Click on “<None>” and enter this URL: http://repo.mrblamo.xyz

5. After inserting URL, give it name as “blamo” and click on OK.


6. Now you have to go back to home screen of Kodi and then click on ADD-ons.

7. Click an open box icon in the top left corner. Here you will see a bunch of options.

install uranus on kodi

8. Select ” Install from Zip File “. A Window will pop-up.

install uranus on kodi

9. Select blamo>repository.griffin-0.0.6.zip. Wait for the zip to be installed on your system properly.

10. After successful installation, you will get a notification that Griffin is installed.

11. Here you have to select ” Install from repository “.

install uranus on kodi

12. The select Griffin Repo and Click on ” Video add-ons “.

13. And Finally, select Uranus and wait for the add-on to be installed properly.

install uranus on kodi

If everything goes OK then you will be able to see Uranus under the VIDEO add-ons. That’s all.

There are some problems faced by people during installation of Uranus on Kodi 17.6 or Latest.

Could Not retrieve Directory Information / Could Not Connect to Repository

This is the most common problem. The main reason for this is the URL of the directory. If you get this error while installing Uranus on Kodi, then make sure to double check the URL of the directory.

Also, sometimes the directory is not available or may be down. So, first try to open that directory on a browser to see if it works or not.

That’s’ all. Enjoy all the benefits and features of Uranus and grab some popcorn and start your favorite movie or TV show.

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