Implementing some tips to keep your patient engaged

Patient engagement has become a new trend in the healthcare field that has revolutionized the method of treatment. The healthcare engagement solutions believe that when patients interact or get engaged with their physicians or doctors it improves their treatment satisfaction and leads to better clinical outcomes. It also enables the doctor to track their patient’s progress as well as modify their treatment modality accordingly. Here are three useful tips for healthcare engagement solutions that can be implemented to keep your patients engaged:

  • Educating patients and their families: Patient care improves a lot when they are familiar with their condition and the treatment. It is important to educate both patients and their family members about the treatment. If the patient is willing to involve his family members, it may be beneficial for the physician as they might be able to fill the information gap in the patient’s record.
  • Forming an advisory board for patients: Patient feedback is a valuable piece of information that can help physicians to improve the quality of healthcare services. The creation of an advisory board can be a great initiative where a committed group of patients may exchange ideas to improve the hurdles inpatient care. The advisory board should evaluate feedback form, appointment process, waiting room, and other patient interface
  • Switching from paper to electronic mode: With new evolving technologies when everything is going digital, patients must be able to access their medical records electronically. In 2013, when Accenture surveyed to know the perception of patients regarding this, it was found that 77% of the population prefer to book their appointment online and 76% wished that they could be able to place their refilling orders online. Many patients also suggested that appointment reminders through SMS or mail might be a good option. Several patients were willing to switch to doctors providing electronic medical records

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