WordPress is the most popular platform for creating wonderful websites. It is very popular because of its unlimited customization and stability. It accounts for 18.9 % of websites on the internet. That’s huge. With the increase in WordPress popularity, the number of WordPress sites is coming up. The most common problem they face is the website speed.

how to speed up WordPress website

What are the factors that are responsible for WordPress Website Speed?

In order to speed up our WordPress Website, we need to understand what are the major factors which are responsible for the speed of the Website. There are several factors like Hosting, Caching, theme, etc. Let’s elaborate them.


Where we host our website is one of the major factors for the speed of our website. Hosting is just like a computer where we store the files of our website. If hosting is good and fast then automatically the website will be fast. There are several WordPress hosting on the market. It’s not necessary to choose WordPress hosting only. You can also choose normal hosting for your WordPress Website. So, make sure to choose good hosting. Moreover, you can check out Top best free unlimited web hosting providers in 2018.

Theme Choice

Do you ever think that theme can affect your WordPress Website speed? Choosing a right theme is really a very important step. Many people thought that it is not so important. But a theme plays important role in our website speed score. Soon, I gonna tell you best WordPress themes that will help you to increase website speed easily.


Images are considered to be the largest files to load. If you are using more images on a single page then that page will take more load and time to open. That’s why there is a need to compress images so as to reduce the load time.


How many plugins are you using on your website? Plugins are just made up of javascript. The greater number of plugins you installed on your WordPress site, more time it will take thus making it slow. I will also give you a simple solution to avoid using more plugins.

That are some of the factors responsible for the load time of WordPress Website. Now let’s check out some solutions and methods to reduce to load time of WordPress website and increase the speed of Website.

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Methods to increase the Speed of WordPress Website

Increasing the speed of WordPress site is very simple. There are several things which you have to do right now.

Start using CDN

Do you ever use CDN? CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a type of a service in which the files or cache of our original Website files is stored in various different geo-servers across the world to provide maximum speed. CDN plays a major role in increasing speed of a Website. you can use it on your WordPress Website in order to get maximum speed. Now there are several paid CDN available right now. But if you are not gonna spend money, there are some free CDN services. The best one is CloudFlare. You probably have heard the name of CloudFlare. It is one of the most popular CDN service used by many of the big websites. Our Website also uses CloudFlare CDN.

In Order to use Free CloudFlare CDN, here are steps:
  1. Go to CloudFlare.com and Sign Up by entering email address and password.
  2. After this process, click on Add Site and enter your Website address.
  3. Click on Begin Scan and wait for Cloudflare to Scan your DNS records. After that, just select continue setup.
  4. Check if all records are OK or not. If anything is OK then continue to further process.
  5. After that, you have to change your DNS nameservers to their ones. If you guys don’t know how to change the nameservers then google about it.
  6. And that’s all. Leave all the settings as default one and boom CDN is activated for your website.

Note: Be patient if you’re getting some errors as it can take up to 48 hours for the nameserver shifting.

Using W3 Total Cache Plugin

If you are using Cloudflare, then you don’t have to worry about caching as Cloudflare have inbuilt cache system.

W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins for caching. It will dramatically boost your website performance. It comes with several awesome features like minifying CSS and JavaScript. You can download it from WordPress and it’s free. Leave all the settings default. 

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Using Image Compressor Plugin

Image optimizers or compressor plugins will reduce the size of images of your WordPress site and will boost up the speed. These types of plugins run on the same algorithm. You can download any plugin available in the market. Note that most of them are paid. Because compressing an image require different server so it is not a free service.

Here are some popular image compression plugins to speed up your WordPress Website easily:
  • WP Smush
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Try to use less number of plugins

Using less number of Plugins will definitely boost up your Website performance. Try to only use plugins that are important. Some people even don’t know how many plugins are installed on their WordPress Website. Using one plugin for extra plugins can also help in reducing the numbers of plugins significantly.

Choose theme optimized for Speed with good quality code

As I discussed earlier that themes are really important and play huge roles in website speed. There are several WordPress themes specially designed for fast speed. Here are some of them you can install some of them:

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So, that are best methods to increase your WordPress website speed. I hope that all worked for you. If you have any doubts, make sure to comment and I will get in touch shortly. And Don’t forget to share this article.





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