How to Reset a WordPress Database in Less Than a Minute?

How to Reset your Database? Is that possible to reset the WordPress Database in less than a minute? Yes, it is possible to do. Just keep reading this article and finally, you will learn how to reset a WordPress database in seconds.

Why you may need to Reset WordPress Database?

There are a few reasons you may need to reset your WordPress database. You are going to rebuild your website, restoring your website from the backup or after testing themes or plugins, you are cleaning out your test installation.

Resetting a WordPress database is essentially uninstalling existing settings and reinstalling it to the original defaults. A WordPress reset is only possible with clearing your database completely. You can do a WordPress database resetting by deleting everything and starting over.

3 Ways to Reset your WordPress Database

There are 3 ways to reset the WordPress database commonly. The first one is to reset your WordPress site manually locate your WordPress database and delete it. The second method is the reset database using the command line. If you are familiar with WP-CLI, which is a command line tool that allows Secure Shell (SSH), you can perform a Database reset with this method.

Another way to reset the WordPress database is by using reset plugins like WP Reset. If you are looking to reset WordPress without any efforts and the easiest way, you can choose this method.

Reset a WordPress Database in less than a Minute

If you are not a WordPress expert and you are looking to save your precious time while resetting your WordPress database, we recommend using WP Reset. It is free to use and comes with awesome features like One-click reset option, post-reset option, etc.

You can download the Plugin from WordPress directory by entering “WP Reset”. Install and activate the plugin and go the plugin settings page. There you can see the option to reset your WordPress database.

Some users find uninstall and reinstall WordPress also works. It is also time-consuming because you have to install WordPress themes and Plugins from the beginning to get started. Plugins like WP Reset don’t touch your core files, themes or plugins. Hope this article helps you to find the easiest way to reset the WordPress database.



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