How to Mount a TV on the Wall

If you have a flat-screen TV you have been putting off for years, now is the time to hang it on the wall. Hanging your TV saves you space and lets you enjoy the convenience. In fact, a wall-mounted TV looks good. If you have decided to take on this project, you need to invest in a reliable tv wall mount at Depending on the skills you possess and your availability, you may need to hire a professional to do the job for you. Someday, somebody may be under the TV and you don’t want it to fall on them or on the floor, leaving hundreds of dollars down the drain. But, if you think you can expertly mount your TV on the wall, the tips might be able to help you:

Look for the Stud and Mount

You need to find a dependable place to hang the frame which will support the TV. You need to find the studs to do this. One way to do this is to find an outlet on the floor and measure over 16 inches. Also, you can use a stud finder which usually works well when you take your time. A stud is where you find an unobtrusive spot to poke a finishing nail through the wall. In case you cannot hand the TV frame in studs, consider using drywall toggles. But, before you choose this route, make sure the toggles were made to handle the weight of the frame and the TV. Also, make sure the drywall can support the weight.

Put the Wires in the Wall

Use cables that are rated to be placed in walls. If you are not sure if your wires are safe for this kind of installation, purchase channeling that can be painted which runs from the TV to the outlet.

Put the Television on the Mount

After installing the frame, it is time to place the TV on it. You may need to have a helper to line things up. When you hang the TV and it is not quite level, grab its high side and push down. The most important thing is to have the frame in studs so you have a fraction of an inch and make it possible for you to fix the levelness issue. Also, you can loosen one side of the bolts of the frame in the back or tighten the other side. You may need to take the bolts out and do this process again if this doesn’t work.

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