Exodus is the one of the best add-on available on Kodi. But many of the repositories broke down recently. Many people thought this was the end of Exodus. But that’s not true. There are lots of new several ways to install Exodus on Kodi. You can even install it on the latest version of Kodi 17.6 whether it is Jarvis or Krypton. So, here is an article on how to install Exodus on Kodi 17.6.

Kodi is the best application to get latest movies and music. Almost every movie is available on Kodi. This is only possible just because of add-ons like Exodus.

What is Exodus?

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

This is for those people who don’t know much about Exodus add-on for Kodi. The Exodus Kodi Add-on allows us to watch free unlimited movies and TV shows for free. Exodus is just like a way to extract and find latest movies and TV shows available on the Internet. It contains a database of several websites, most of them are torrent based, through which it scans the specific movie and show in the front of us. This is very useful add-on on the Kodi or the best add-on for Kodi.

Is that Compatible with Kodi 17.6?

Yes, Exodus is fully compatible with Kodi 17.6. Many users are finding a problem in Installing Exodus on Kodi 17.6, but follow this guide and you will surely be able to install it.

There are several ways to install Exodus on Kodi. I will explain you all the steps clearly so that you easily install it. Also, Kodi is now official is not updated. So use it at your own risk!

Here is a guide on how to install Exodus Kodi addon.

1#Method – Install Exodus on Kodi 17.6  using TkNorris Repository

The first thing you need to do is to Download TkNorris Repository. This is Git repository.

  • Open Kodi on your device. Select Add-on on the left sidebar of the screen. Then click on box icon on the top left screen.
  • This will open window to add the repository. Just select “install from ZIP”.

How to install Exodus on Kodi

  • Choose the ZIP file you have downloaded. Then wait to download the repository. Once done, close that window and select install from repository.
  • Select tknorris Release Repository. Click on Video Add-ons > Exodus > Hit Install.
  • That’s all.

This method is working right now. This is one of the best and simple method to install Exodus Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

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2#Method – Installing Exodus using XvBMC Repository

This method is updated and will install the latest version of Exodus. XvBMC repository contains very useful add-ons. One such is Exodus. I will tell you how to install it through XvBMC.

The steps are simple. firstly you need to put the repository in the file manager section of Kodi.

  • Go to setting icons and select File manager.
  • Scroll down and select ADD SOURCES > Click on none.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

  • Now you have to paste this URL: “http://archive.org/download/repository.xvbmc/” (Without “).
  • Make sure to enter the valid URL otherwise, you will get an error.
  • After entering the URL, name it as “Exodus XvBMC” and Press OK.
  • Now Go back to main menu and add-ons ( BOX ICON ) on the left side. Select “install from ZIP file. Select Exodus XvBMC and tap on repository.xvbmc-4.20.zip.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

  • You have to wait for few seconds. After installation completed, head on to “install from the repository and select XvBMC (Add-ons) Repository.
  • Select Add-on repository ( Will be at the top of the list ) and tap on tknorris Release Repository and click on install.
  • Now go back by pressing backspace and select tknorris Release Repository ( From the same list you have chosen XvBMC (Add-ons) Repository ).
  • Find Video Add-ons and select Exodus and hit on install.

These two methods are working fine. I have personally tested them. As Exodus is now official soon gonna be disabled, the errors in installing Exodus are coming out. The most common error is “Not able to connect to the repository”. I personally got this error. The solution to this Exodus error is to check the URL. The URL while inserting it in file manager is sometimes misspelled.

That was my best two methods to Install Exodus on Kodi 17.6. If you guys liked this article, then make sure to like it and subscribe to our newsletter.

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