Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms where you can create and share your pictures with the world. The best thing about Instagram which makes it different from other is that it is specifically made for mobile users. Most of the features are only available for mobile users like DM.

Many users are trying to get more engagement on Instagram using various methods. Methods like using hashtags #like4like, #like4follow, etc are not good for your account as they look spammy and can harm your image in the eyes of Instagram.

This is true that most of us don’t know about the proper and effective usage of hashtags in Instagram. So, let’s start with the basic definition of hashtags and why social networking sites have hashtag feature.

What is a Hashtag?

Began in 2009, the twitter was the first social networking site to use hashtags by introducing them in search and showing them trending tag widget. Internationally, hashtags come to practice during Iranian election protests when Twitter users used both English and Persian hashtags in support. Hashtags are used to sort our post to a particular category. We can search what particular post is in a specific tag.

Why people use Hashtags?

Hashtags allow people to talk about different topics and help them to follow the particular discussion. By using a hashtag, it is easy to find out a particular post. But today, most of the people use hashtags for different fun purposes and using it randomly as an example below:

Hey, #how are you #today?

So, here the question arises,

How we can use Instagram Hashtags properly and effectively?

Using hashtags is an art. Many people are still struggling to find what types of Hashtags should they use and with how many popularity. For eg, there are two hashtags you can use on your post. One is #food and other is #hotfood. You probably know that #food is more popular than #hotfood. Now, what tag you should use? That’s the trick here. You soon will find your answer and the reason why. I will go fully practical and you can use that method and will be able to see your result instantly.

Choosing the number of Hashtags to insert in Instagram post

This is very important. Many of us don’t know how much hashtags we should use in an Instagram post. Instagram provides us space for 30 hashtags. That doesn’t mean that you should always use 30 hashtags. Try to use hashtags that are related to your post. If you use a #food hashtag for the photo of a dog, What will be the result? You will not see any engagement in your post because what other people will see when they search for #food, a dog photo?

So, try to use more number of hashtags but that should be relevant to your post.

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What types of hashtags should you use( Very popular or popular )?

Now that’s the most important part. Most of us will think that using popular hashtags is the best way to get more engagement in the Instagram post. But that’s not true.

Let me give you an example. Let us suppose you want to promote a product and you decide to promote it through display advertisement eg. display board. Now you have to choose a place to put your advertisement board of your product. What type of place will you choose? A place with lots of other ad boards displaying the products like you or a place where are less number of other displays. You will definitely choose latter one because the lesser number of boards there, more chances to get noticed by the public.

Similarly, hashtags work. If you have followers less than 1,000 then you should use lesser popular hashtags. Here is a simple hashtag #photographyforlife:

use hashtags effectively on Instagram

This Hashtag is not so much popular. It has about 38K posts and let’s check a post.

use hashtags effectively on Instagram

As you can see, a post with just 66 likes is in the top post of Hashtag #photographyforlife. Whenever someone searches for this tag, they will see this picture and its impression will increase. This is how tagging a picture work.

If you are having about few hundred followers then you should use hashtags with popularity between 2,000 to 10,000 posts. With more number of followers and likes, you can increase this number to 50K to 1M.

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Here is a method to put hashtags with low popularity.

Let’s suppose you want to post this image on Instagram:

use hashtags effectively on Instagram

The first hashtag you have to insert is #photographydaily( not #photography ). The second one should be #desktablephotography, third will be #photographyhacksdaily ( Not #photographyhack ). Always try to expand your tag and you will see low competition there. That’s the best way to work with hashtags on Instagram.

So, in a nutshell, you have to use hashtags up to 30 and all hashtags should be relevant to your post. Second, don’t use spammy or irrelevant hashtags like #like4like or #followplease. Third, try to use hashtags with lesser number of posts as it will increase your chance of getting the post in the top post section.

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