Google pixel 2 is launched with some interesting features that are specially made for Google Pixel 2 phones. But there is a way to get all those features like Google Pixel 2 live wallpaper and Pixel 2 Launcher in your smartphone right now in an easy way. You don’t need to root your smartphone. Here is a guide to get google pixel 2 features on your smartphone right now easily. You will get all features like Google Pixel 2 launcher and even wallpapers of Google Pixel 2 in any android or smartphone.

Get google pixel 2 features in any smartphone.

So let’s first see What are Google Pixel 2 exclusive features that you will get on your smartphone.

Live wallpapers

Google Pixel 2 comes with beautiful live wallpapers. The new and unique thing about the wallpapers is they are not whole moving. Only some part of them are live or moving while other is still. Getting excited? Just read the whole article.

Round display & Google Camera

Pixel 2 has rounded display which makes the phone looks better. Another thing is Google Camera. It comes with lens blur mode or we can say portrait mode. This is based on software processing and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Google Pixel 2 Launcher

As Google Pixel 2 is powered by Android, Google is putting a lot of effort on improving the UI of Android for Pixel 2 users. Google has redesigned the old Pixel launcher and this one is really beautiful. The Google search bar is now at the bottom with Google cards and more improved animations. With this, another thing is navigation buttons which are touch. Those navigation buttons are really attractive and you are soon getting it right now on your smartphone.

Fingerprint gestures

This is a common feature that Google is providing but you can do a lot more with this. There is an option of opening an app on single tap and another on double tap. There are many other features and you have to check them out.

So, here is a procedure on how to get all Google Pixel 2 features on your smartphone?

You have to download some apps and their links will be mentioned below. Make sure to allow apps from unknown sources in the settings. If not just google it.

After downloading all the apps, just install them. There will be 5 apps. Every app is unique with some interesting features. Let’s see what each app will do.

Pixel 2 launcher:

get all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphoneget all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphone

This is a mod version for Google Pixel 2 launcher and works very well. This has the capability to give the exact same look just like Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Just install it and press the home button. If asked to set default launcher then select Pixel 2 launcher. Sometimes we need to go to settings > Application manager or apps > default apps > Launcher > Pixel Launcher.

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Pixel Wallpapers:

get all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphone

This app is a part of Pixel 2 launcher. After installing this app, just long press on home screen and select wallpaper. After that, select Live Wallpapers. Make sure to install Pixel 2 launcher first.

Pixel Navigation Bar:

get all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphone

This app will enable Pixel 2 like navigation bar on your smartphone. Just install and enable it. You will also get some more bunch of options and can even change the color of navigation keys.


get all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphone

Cornerfly is definitely the best app because it makes the screen corners round without root. This app is really design changer and your phone will look very stylish after this.

Fingerprint Gestures App:

get all features of Google Pixel 2 in your smartphone

Enable the fingerprint actions of Google Pixel on your device. Use gestures like single tap, double tap, or fast tap (swipe) to control your phone and/or tablet.

So that’s all. After installing all these apps, you will Google Pixel 2 features right into your device without root. Please make sure to share this article and subscribe our newsletter.

Download Links:



Camera App (Android 6.0+)


Rounded Display

Fingerprint Gestures 



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