Many of us wanted to get our photo on the explore page of Instagram. But there is a particular algorithm of Instagram by which it shows photos on search or explore page. The people who are getting their photos on these explore or search pages have a better chance of getting more engagement, impressions, likes and thus followers. You may have seen a lot of photos on the Instagram page getting tons of like and engagement. But there is a way to get your own photo on the explore page of Instagram which is now changed to the search page.

Instagram algorithm changes day by day. But there is a fixed method by which it shows pictures of users on the Search page of others. Now I will discuss how Instagram do that and how it ranks posts based on that algorithm. Make sure to read the full article to get full knowledge.

Instagram Algorithm

Let’s assume that you posted a picture on Instagram. What will happen if your photo starts getting likes and comments? Instagram will think that your photo is more engaging than others and it will show your photo to others through Explore page.  That’s doesn’t mean that you just posted a photo, does 1000 fake likes. Instagram will never show you photo on explore or search page. Why? Because after getting instant 1000 likes, your photo will get fewer likes. Instagram will find out that your likes are fake and your post is not engaging.


So, the post getting more engagement is more likely to go on explore page than fewer likes and comments.

There is one more thing. Do you ever like a post of unknown profile? If yes, then you definitely have seen photo related to on your search page. Instagram try to show pictures that we may like based on our history.

So more likes you get, more chances of getting on the search page of the friends of the person who has liked your photo.

Look at the picture below to get the whole thing clear.

How to get photo on the explore page of instagram

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How to Beat Instagram Algorithm and Get your Photo on the Top of Explore or Search Page

I bet if you guys follow this guide, you will soon see your post or picture on the explore page of others. Follow each step which I am going to discuss now. This is very important because to beat Instagram algorithm and to get your photo on the top of search page. Many people thought that profiles with thousands of followers only get their photos on the search page. But that’s not true. Here is a way:

Get continuous Likes and Comment on your newly posted post

This is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. Instagram algorithm whole work around this. If you are getting continuous likes and comment on your picture, Instagram will definitely show your pictures on the explore page.

How to fulfill this?

Now you will have this question. I will share you my secret trick for getting continuous engagement in my Instagram post.

Use Instagram Engagement Groups

Instagram Engagement groups are definitely the best way to create more engaging posts. Have you used engagement groups before? Let me know in comment section.  Many people will don’t know about them and how to use them. Instagram Engagement is simple a group just like WhatsApp group and people share their Instagram post and request you to like and comment on that. That’s all. This is how an Engagement group works.

There are tons of Instagram Groups on Telegram. You can search them on Google to find out one best suits for you.

Don’t use Fake Likes Apps

Many people use fake likes on their posts but that’s hurt your profile authenticity. Grow your Instagram profile organically by using various hashtags and promoting using engagement groups.

Using Proper Hashtags

Are you using hashtags? If your answer is NO then start using them right now! If Yes, then what type of Hashtags you use? I mean many of us use popular hashtags with millions of the posts. But have you ever thought that how one can see your picture through these hashtags if there are so many other posts?

Let me give you an example. Let us suppose you want to promote a product and you decide to promote it through display advertisement eg. display board. Now you have to choose a place to put your advertisement board of your product. What type of place will you choose? A place with lots of other ad boards displaying the products like you or a place where are less number of other displays. You will definitely choose latter one because the less number of boards there, more chances to get noticed by the public.

This is how Hashtags works also. Don’t try to push your post on popular hashtags. Use Hashtags with little traffic or posts. The benefit of this is that your post, with only a few likes, will be on the top page of that Hashtags as every hashtag has a top section. This will definitely increase your chances of getting more engagement and getting your post on the popular Explore page of Instagram.

If you follow these steps then you may soon find your photo on the search page of Instagram which some may say as Explore page. So it’s very important to be natural for Instagram. If you try to use fake liker apps or through websites, you will never get engagement and followers.

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