As the internet market is growing at a tremendous rate, the rate of new upcoming websites is at it’s highest peak. Many new bloggers or new website owners don’t have much money to pay for website hosting. Some only first want to try. There are a lot of free website hosting options which one can try but most of them are limited i.e they don’t provide you unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

So here is a list of top best free unlimited web hosting sites providing unlimited bandwidth and space.

Every service provider is having the latest version of PHP. Let’s start with the first one:


InfinityFree is the best unlimited hosting provider when it comes to free one. This website actually surprised me because it is bundled with tons of features. Here is a list of features:

  1. No Forced Ads
  2. Power to host any domain
  3. VistaPanel Control Panel
  4. Come with Softaculous Apps Installer
  5. Free SEO tools included
  6. Website Builder
  7. Inbuild CloudFlare App
  8. Free Sub-domains

Here is control panel screenshot:

websites providing free unlimited web hosting

You can see everything is almost unlimited. Moreover, it comes with inbuilt CloudFlare app. So, you can configure it easily without changing your nameservers. Another good thing about this is website builder which is very useful for beginners and can get a lot of benefit from that just like in premium hosting.

Pro Free Host

Pro free host is another website providing free unlimited web hosting. It is also packed with a vast number of features with one click installation and custom domain. Here is a list of features. Check them out.

  1. Instant setup
  2. Again No Ads
  3. Free sub-domains
  4. Popular script like WordPress and Joomla at one click installation
  5. All features provided in normal control panel
  6. Same as InfinityFree

Free sub-domain will allow users to check the speed and test their website. Moreover, it is really helpful for the rookie user. Just make a free hosting account and that’s all. Here is a complete list of all the features.

websites providing free unlimited web hosting

This screenshot is taken with Firefox quantum. Don’t know about Firefox quantum? Read Download Firefox Quantum- The Fastest Web Browser beating Chrome


Freeola is a very popular website in hosting segment. It provides free as well as paid cheap hosting. Now, this website has some impressive things you need to note down. Let’s see them order wise. This website has data center around the globe.

  1. Free Website promotion ( NEW )
  2. Linux based servers
  3. Free UK based customer support
  4. Free Stock image gallery

There are some brand new features that other free hosting providers are not giving. Firstly, free website promotion is a great tool and It works by submitting the site to Freeola. The second one is a Free stock images gallery. From this, you will get a lot of pictures without any copyright and free to use images. Get high-quality images from this.


This is the last one. 1Free-Host(sounds weird) is again a website which provides free unlimited web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It also comes with script installer. It is also ad-free. I think there is no need to mention the features because the features are just like same of upper providers. It uses same control panel just like InfinityFree. So, you are getting same features like CloudFlare and other things. I tested this website and it very easy to use. It sends all your username and password to your email but in the spam folder( I don’t why).

So here I mentioned these sites because I know some people want to just try or as I said are beginners and want to explore this. So enjoy these websites and please don’t forget to share this article so that others also get the benefit of free unlimited hosting.

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