Google is forcing websites to use SSL certificates in order to provide more secure content to the users. In a recent announcement, Google declared that if your website is not secured then you have to face some ranking issues. Having HTTPS sign is a great relief to users and visitor. After a recent Google Chrome Update, Chrome is now showing not secure text on sites without SSL or HTTPS. Today I will tell you how to get free SSL certificates for a lifetime without ant credit card. All the SSL certificated are free and supported by almost all browsers.

get free ssl certificate for your website

Eventually, many visitors will tend to leave your website as soon as they see this. So in this article, you will be able to get free SSL certificate for your website and this will make your website secured with HTTPS.

There are many SSL certificates providers but they are not providing you free SSL certificates. Here is a list of them:

  1. SSLS
  2. Rapid SSL
  3. SSL2BUY
  6. COMODO 

You will easily get SSL certificates from them. But there are some websites providing you free SSL certificate for your website. So read post till the end.

Free SSL Certificates for Website Lifetime


CloudFlare is the most popular website providing you free SSL and CDN. It is the only website providing free CDN technology for your website. CDN also know as Content Delivery Network is the way in which the data is stored on different server locations and can be accessed from the nearest location in order to increase website speed. So, there are actually two benefits one is Free SSL lifetime certificates and Free CDN. It also provides some amazing other features mentioned below:

  • 10 Tbps Capacity and 118 Data Center Global Footprint
  • Free DDoS attack protection
  • Most reliable managed DNS service
  • Easy to use

Here is a video guide on how to install CloudFlare on WordPress or any other Website easily.

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SSL for Free

SSL for Free is a website which provides free SSL certificate with unlimited renew times. I personally used this website and it is super easy to use. It is the first free and open CA. They generate certificates using their ACME server by using domain validation. This website is widely trusted. I first thought it to be a scam but after using this I found it genuine. I definitely prefer you to use this website. There is a simple process to get free SSL certificate from this website.

You just need to enter the domain name and then just verify it by adding DNS name record. If you don’t know how to add DNS name record then here is a guide on how to add DNS name record. If you are not getting it then make sure to search on google for your hosting provider.

Comodo free 90 days

Comodo is providing free SSL certificates for 90 days. Comodo is a very popular choice for paid SSL but getting a free SSL from Comodo will only be valid for 90 days. If you want to try out their SSL certificates then you can go to their website and get free SSL.

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ZeroSSL is just like FreeSSL which is giving free SSL certificate lifetime without paying anything. This is very similar to FreeSSL and the process to get SSL is same. You can choose this website because it also has some positive reviews on the internet.

So, it is really very important to have SSL certificate on your website and to have HTTPS sign. After reading this list of websites, you can get free SSL and make sure to install them as soon as possible to make a green secure mark on your Website. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with other people.

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So, that’s are some websites which will provide you free SSL certificates for the lifetime. Getting SSL certificates are very important and we should install them on our website. Blogmytech is also protected with SSL certificates. Thes are some methods for getting free SSL certificates to get that HTTPS sign.

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