Finer Details for Your Link Purchases Now

The important element to take into account so that your backlink is of quality is the place of this one in the contents. Indeed, in the eyes of Google, the higher the link is positioned in the content, the more the search engine robots give it the importance. As you buy links you can find the best deals now. The finer choices are there.

  • The element: a link in the beginning of the content

The environment in which the link is positioned

The last element to take into account to have a quality incoming link is the environment in which it is located. By environment, we mean all the content. For your link to be magnified in the eyes of Google’s robots, it is recommended that this link is positioned in a content that contains images (named with keywords of the theme). In addition, it is also advised that another link to another external site is placed in the content. This is even more important if the link points to a reference site.

This last element will give a natural appearance to Google.

A natural-looking environment

What is a quality link?

If we summarize, for a link to be considered quality in the eyes of Google, it is necessary that it is positioned in a thematic content of an authoritative site, more than 300 words, in an environment that seems natural, on a varied anchor and in do-follow.

This excludes the links positioned in the footer of sites or directories, which now have much less interest for Google.

What strategy to put in place to get quality backlinks?

However, as we explained above, the links that interest you most are those that are in do-follow. We therefore advise you to concentrate your financial efforts mainly on the purchase of links in do-follow, while keeping a smaller part of your budget for the acquisition of links in no-follow.

Use blogs and forums in your theme

A simple technique to get free no-follow backlinks is to target the different blogs and forums in the theme of your site and interact with the community.

Indeed, blogs offer at the bottom of each article a comment section. Most of the time, you can specify your name, an email address, and a site URL. The site URL will be positioned on your name (which will be the anchor). This constituted link will normally be in no-follow.

Your goal in this strategy will be to regularly comment on blogger posts by first putting your name as an anchor. Once you get noticed and accepted by the blogger, it will be easier for you to replace your first name with the keyword you want to position on. So, every time you comment on an article, you will glean an optimized link in no-follow.


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