WhatsApp business APK is now launched with some new interesting features. It is the biggest change in WhatsApp since it’s release. It’s only available for testing right now but you can download WhatsApp Business APK for free with the latest version. All the WhatsApp Business APK versions are mentioned below with their downloading link. You can download this Business APK from below.

WhatsApp Business is now officially launched but not in countries like India. Go and check out whether it is available in your PlayStore or not. Don’t worry if it is not available, you can download it from the link provided below.

Here are some of the features of WhatsApp Business APK that will blow up your mind.

1. Business Profile

This is one of the best features of WhatsApp Business App. This will let you create a business profile that will help you to create a business profile with a verified badge. This will help your audience to trust you and help you to grow your audience.

2. More than one number support

With WhatsApp Business App, you can use more than one number on your same WhatsApp application. This is really useful for people owning more than one number.

3. Business Messaging Tools

As its name, WhatsApp Business is made on the basis of business. SO, it is bundled with a number of business tools which can be really useful like an automatic reply, location finder and so on.

WhatsApp currently not accepting numbers. But you can download WhatsApp Business APK for free.

Here are links to download WhatsApp Business APK

After Downloading WhatsApp Business APP, just make sure to turn on unknown source installation through developer options. You can google about it if you don’t know how to do that.
Finally, WhatsApp Business App is officially released,. So you can download it from Play Store and start using it now to expand your business.
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