Creating infographics seems to be a difficult task. Many experts recommend making infographics as they are more actional and have a more visual influence on viewers.

In this article, I will be telling you the best ways to make infographics online without paying anything. That means it will be free. So let’s start with how to create infographics for free online.

Here are some ways to create Infographics online:

First I will guide you on how to use to make outstanding infographics. Here is a guide:

First, you need to go to

build infographics for free

Click on “Start designing an Infographic”.

build infographics for free

After clicking, you will see a lot of different layouts on your left side. Some of them are paid and some are free. You have to choose any free one.

build infographics for free

To edit content on your template, just click on what you want to edit and edit them as you can see in this picture.

After editing, just click on “Download: button on the top right-hand side of your screen. Select format and click Download.

build infographics for free

It will ask you to purchase it. Just click on “download a watermarked draft” ( Don’t worry, It will not be watermarked).

That’s all.

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Another method of generating infographics from scratch is

I mentioned this website because it is totally free and create fantastic high-quality infographics. It allows us to make it in three easy steps. But you will get logo mark of Venngage. But still, it offers a great variety of infographic templates.

build infographics for free

Just signup at and choose as a student. Make sure to choose School/University in survey option.

Then there will a huge list of templates. Choose any template as per your requirement and click create. An infographic editor is pop-up and edit template as per your style requirement. A guide will guide you properly. Just follow simple instructions and that’s all. You will soon get your infographics right into your desktop.

More websites to create infographics free online:


Make sure to check them also in case you may not find your desired template. Infographics are really impressive on a blogging website as they are more attractive than just written text. So that’s why I shared How to create infographics online free

So make sure to share this as much as you can. In case any question or problem, ask in the comment section or you can try to contact us form right below.

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