Many people ask a question “How to create a Website for free?“. There was a time when creating a website was just like making a complex machine involving stress and a lot of money. But today, the trend is different. Making a website is very easy and cheap. Whether you want to make a blog or portfolio, it is really easy and quick. Many people think that they can’t create their own website. But in this article, I will make sure that they will not say that again.

So, let’s start with how to create a website for free. There are few basic things we should note before making a website.

Here are some key notes to focus and please make sure to understand each of them.


A domain is actually an address for your website. If you want to locate your website on this huge web, you will have to get an address. Domain name is like, like or Every domain name end with an extension like .com or .org. This is a simple definition of a domain name. If you want more info about this, head on to Wikipedia.

Web Hosting

Now if you have bought a domain name, the next thing is to where to store files. Every website has its own files which are stored on a server. This is called hosting. So hosting is just like a computer on cloud or virtual where we can store our website data which make it possible to look and do what we expect from our website.


WordPress is a CMS ( Content management system ) which is based on PHP and MySQL. In other words, it is a system which will help to make our website. We will talk about later on this topic. For more information, here is Wikipedia page.

We all done with basic definitions and we are ready to start the interesting part i.e How to make a website for free. Every step is mention step-by-step. So, make sure to read the full article to get most out of it.

Steps to Create a Website for free 2018:

Getting a domain name

Buying a domain name is the first block in making a site. So there are two options. First, if you want o try out how it works then you can get a free domain name. But that domain will not be TLD ( Top Level Domains ).

This means that you will get domains with extensions like .tk or .mk which is regarded as Second-level domains.

  • Buying a free domain

Go to where you will find a lot of domains. Make an account there and then type the domain name you want in the bar just like this:

how to create a website

Then just click on check availability. Next click on “Get it now!” button next to your domain name. After that, go to the checkout page and select period 12 months and click continue. On “Review and Checkout” page, just add your details and click continue.

Just after receiving an email about your domain name activation, your domain name will be added to My domains area under services section.

how to make a website

So, people who want to buy a domain name, they can get .com domain easily at a very low price. GoDaddy is the best website to buy a domain. It is very simple to buy. I will not tell you how to buy a domain on Godaddy because it is extremely simple and easy. It prefers you to buy a domain if you are serious about your site. Free domain is for people who want to try first.

Moving towards Web Hosting

There are various Web hosting providers. Every provider has limited and unlimited plans. Limited plans mean limited space and bandwidth while unlimited includes almost everything unlimited. Many web hosting providers provide free hosting but that’s limited. But, there are some providing free unlimited hosting. Here is a list of hosting providers providing unlimited hosting for free.

So, the procedure of getting hosting is below:

  1. Choose from where you want to buy. My choice will be popular ones like GoDaddy or BigRock.
  2. Choosing a hosting plan as per your personal requirements.
  3. Now just do what you do while buying a thing from Amazon.

After this, you will get a link to enter control panel where there will be a bunch of options. Don’t worry, we don’t have to use all.  Here is a sample:

how to make a website

Half of the work is done in solving the question “How to make a website?”

Installing WordPress (Using Softaculous Installer)

This is a very easy process and requires very little technical knowledge. Just follow each and every step order wise and you soon will be the champion of WordPress.

  1. In Control Panel, under website or software section, click on Auto installer ( in some panels it is softaculous apps installer)
  2. Here you will have to choose WordPress. If it doesn’t appear, then make a search or check it under CMS section or under blog section.

how to make a website

3. After that, just click on install.

4. On installation page, you have to choose various options or fill text fields.

5. In the protocol, choose http://www. and leave domain as it is. Make sure that “in a directory” field is blank. In site settings, choose website name and description.

6. Under admin settings, write admin username and password. At last, there will be theme option and you can choose any theme you want. You can change this later, so choose a random one.

Leave everything default unless mentioned in the article.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website 2018

Now click on install button at last and that all. WordPress is successfully installed on your website. You can go to admin area by going to URL:

After entering the username and password, you will enter to the WordPress admin area where you can almost change everything on your website. Here is what you will see first:

how to make a website

The left panel is called as options panel. Here will be all the option in category wise. The first thing you will have to do is to go to pages and delete the Sample Page by clicking on Trash. For now, you will have been able to figure out what every option has inside. I suggest you to explore this. This will benefit you because exploring WordPress will give you more chance to find new things. So, that’s all on you.

Now, you have successfully installed WordPress on your website. Here is a guide on  8 Essential Things To Do After Creating A WordPress Blog. After reading, now let’s go to post. By clicking on Posts option, you will see a page showing your posts. That will be empty because you just installed WordPress. Click on add new and You will receive a page like this:

how to make a wesbite

This is very simple. Just enter title and body content and press Publish button. Hurray! your first article on your Website is published.

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Using inbuilt Website builder to Create Websites for free

Most of the hosting providers will provide you free Website builder to create a website for free. The best thing about these builders is they allow us full customization of our website without requiring any knowledge of coding.

You can go to Googie Host which will provide you free hosting ( Limited ) with the free Website builder.

Making Website except blogging

In order to make other websites like music streaming or wiki, there is a single step which you have to change. While installing WordPress, don’t choose it. You can choose a list of more option like forums, image galleries, wikis, Social networking and anything you want. So, if you get stuck in any step just contact me by using contact us box below or google it. You will get the solution. So start exploring your website and I do creative things and hope you like this article on how to make a website.

This is how people make a website. They use WordPress because it is easy and effective to make a website. You can follow this guide and can create an awesome website for free. There are lots of other options in WordPress with unlimited themes and plugins. With free domain options, you can try unlimited types of themes and plugins to gain experience.

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