Every time you try to download files, most of the times there will be surveys saying you to complete it in order to download the file. Many people try to complete the surveys but nothing happens. This is the major problem which people face and they thought how to bypass the surveys easily. In this article, I will tell you top best ways to completely remove or bypass the surveys or human verification and download the required file. Most of the surveys work on javascript. If we can disable javascript then it will be easy for us to bypass surveys without any software or website.

How to Bypass Surveys

Here are some methods to bypass them:

Using Google Chrome to Bypass Surveys

Google Chrome is really a modern browser and provides you various options that will help you to remove or bypass the online human verifications or Surveys for free.

Disabling the JavaScript

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Then Go to settings > Advanced > Under Privacy and Security > Content Settings
  • Then Select Javascript and turn off it (Make sure to update Google Chrome it).

Bypass Surveys

  • Then reload the webpage and that’s boom. You will not see any survey.

Using Different Extensions

There are numerous Extensions which are very handy in removing the survey from websites to download the file. One such extension is Auto Overlay Remover. This will remove and transparent screen or any popup while clicking on download link.

Bypass Surveys using Websites

There are a lot of websites online which will help you to bypass the surveys from web pages. One such website is Bypass Survey.

Bypass Surveys

  • Just Go to this Website.
  • Enter the URL of the page you want to bypass a survey from.
  • Then Click on GO!.
  • It will automatically remove the Survey and give to the download link of the file.

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Using Fake Information to Bypass Surveys

Using wrong information is again another way t bypass survey but it will require some time. If above method doesn’t work then make sure to try this one.

  • Go to Website named as Fake Name Generator
  • Select the country you want and click on generate. This will generate fake information for you to fill the survey form. This can be really handy in bypassing the survey.

Video Tutorial

I hope you successfully bypassed the surveys and downloaded your file. If you are still not able to download your file then try another website. 

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