Creating a Wiki website was a very difficult task in earlier times. Many people ask “How to build a Wiki website?”. This question will be answered in this blog post.

The best example of wiki website is Wikipedia. It is the biggest and most popular wiki site having Alexa traffic rank of 5. Many people want to make that type of website. A wiki website is that website in which every user has the power to edit and submit their content to the website. It is basically for community usage. So what we have to do?

You have to follow the steps mentioned below in order to create a wiki site. But before that, lemme explain you some terms that will be helpful.

Also, make sure to read free SSL certificate for your website.

Web Hosting

build a wiki website


All the website data is stored on a server called Web server. It is just like a single computer over the cloud where website access it’s data and uses it. you need a web hosting to create a wiki website.


A domain name is just like an address from where we can access our website easily. Search engines also get to know or name the particular website by calling the domain name.

So that was some boring terms for beginners. So let us start with what we are looking for i.e creating a wiki website.

Getting a domain name and hosting

Getting a domain name is really easy. You can get a free or paid domain. It is the first step in creating a wiki site. If one wants to try out how it works then one can go for a free domain. But people who are serious about this will have to buy a domain from GoDaddy or BigRock. In a similar way, hosting also is of two variants, one free and other paid. Most of the free hosting providers provide limited space and bandwidth on the server while there are some providers providing free unlimited hosting. Here is a list of best free unlimited hosting providers in 2017.

If you want to try out or want to free domain then here is a full guide on how to create a website including getting a domain and web hosting both free and paid. After reading all this, let us move to next step i.e installing Wiki script through Control panel in hosting. Let’s start how to create wiki website.

Installing MediaWiki through Control Panel

The next important step is installing MediaWiki through Control Panel. Here is how to do that:

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Under Website or Software option, click on script installer or softaculous apps installer.
  3. You will see something like this after clicking on installer:

build a wiki website

4. Now click on Wikis and select MediaWiki. MediaWiki is originally used by Wikipedia. That means Wikipedia is using MediaWiki. There are also a lot of other options like DokuWiki, Foswiki. But the best one is MediaWiki. Want a simple and easier one?, then go for DokuWiki because it is very easy and simple.

5.In the Choose the version you want to install list box, select the version that you want to install and select the protocol (Choose http://www).

6.In the Database Name text box, type the name of the database to create for the application, or accept the default value.

7.Then type the name of your wiki and tagline.

8. Choose admin username and password.

Leave everything default unless mentioned.


Other Wiki Scripts you can install


DokuWiki is best script top create wiki websitte easily and is for people who want clean and simple stuff. It is very minimalistic and easy to use. It doesn’t require any MySQL or any database to work because it keeps everything in plain text files. Interesting? ( Let me know in comment)


WackoWiki is powered by PHP and MySQL.  It provides access controls (ACLs) for each page, a WYSIWYG editor, localizations for a number of languages, email notification on changes and comments, several cache levels, design themes or skins, XHTML compliance, page comments, etc.

Wikepage Wiki Script

Wikepage is a very small Wiki script by which you can make your own wiki website easily. Making Wiki website using Wikepage is easy and you can get tutorials on the internet about this.

After doing all this, your wiki website is ready to rock. Just log in as admin and follow the instructions. For any problem, read the MediaWiki guide or Google it.

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So that’s all. I hope you like this article on how to make wiki website for free. Please share this with all your friends so that they will also get that benefit.

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