Bird Photography Tips for enthusiasts

What should be your primary concern in getting your bird photographs to be viewed by people? Is it a bird? Your lens or the camera? Do you think just shooting a couple of pictures will give you the best?

This article will go over the core principles of bird photography and enable you to have a clear understanding of how a good bird photograph should be.

Be ready

An expensive lens is not necessary for great bird photography. Several factors such as background, composition, quality, and direction of light, proper settings, proper exposure, patience, passion, and perseverance are however needed.

It takes quite a lot to be a good bird photographer. It is important to note that bird photography is more than just the lenses or the camera, even though we know that a stronger glass makes a smooth photographing experience but the lens alone itself cannot make a perfect bird photograph.


Light possesses characteristics that beautify a. Photograph. The best form of view is that of the early morning and late at night. Light at these moments are soft and at such birds are very active. Some attributes of soft light include; it makes the bird’s plumage glow, doesn’t cast harsh shadows on the bird, gives the bird’s eye catch view.

A composed bird photograph helps you convey your message accurately. The composition is simple in a general way by just following little steps which includes using a clean background.

Focus on the eye

: the first thing you would want to see when you look at a birds photo is the eye, right? We make an eye connection with living creatures, and it’s no difference with birds. The eyes should be illuminated very well. Birds look more lively with enough light in their eyes. Check out for the catch light in the bird’s eye. Always keep its eye focus. Photograph from the eye level of the bird.

Tell a story

 try to express the mood, the place or activity of the bird in the photograph. Make use of an image enhancer software to project image beauty.

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