Instagram is very popular social media networking sites these days. It has over 600 million active users. There are some Instagram Tricks that you probably don’t know. These hacks are very important for you to know if you are a regular user of Instagram. Here is a complete list of Top Instagram hacks that you can use in your everyday life.


Starting with reposting. So what is reposting? Reposting means posting that same post of other Instagram user by giving proper credits to that account.

How to repost on Instagram?

In order to repost, there are several apps that may help me. One such app is Repost for Instagram. This app is the best app to repost content from Instagram. You only have to copy the link of the post within from the app and then go to Repost app. You will automatically see post added there. Just click on it and post to Instagram. This is the easiest method to Repost on Instagram.

Instagram Engagement groups

Instagram engagement groups are really beneficial. They can help to get on trending page. Some people said that it is the best thing to get organic views and followers on Instagram. It will help you to boost out your Instagram profile. Here is a list of Instagram engagement groups on the telegram. Just make sure to download telegram app and then click on these links and join them.

Gainstagram Official Channel

Instagains Like Round

Instagains Comment Round

Instagains Discussion Group

Instagains Marketplace

Boost Likes Group

Boost Comments Group

Boost Discussion Group

VGN Rounds

IG Bomb Drop

IG Growth Group

40k+ Like Group

IG Mass Likes

Like Rounds Group

Notorious Social Media

Reborn Group

IG Bot Users

Groups for likes: 

Groups for comments:

Fashion niche group:

Travel and Food niche group:

Fitness niche group:

Quotes niche group:

Parenting niche group:

10k+ followers groups:

Entrepreneurs niche group:

You can also check out RISE groups. This is the link to their chat group[email protected] . The names of the niche specif groups are in the pinned message.

Paid groups:

There’s one paid comment and like group I’m in, which seems quite good. In order to enter start a conversation with the admin and mention that you got referred by Johannes.


How to post custom thumbnail on Instagram videos?

In order to get custom thumbnails on Instagram video, just make sure to click Custom thumbnail option while posting a video. Here is a photo on this:

instagram hacks

Here you have to click on “Cover” and then choose a thumbnail.

How to Post Images in Story from Gallery?

In order to post stories from the gallery, you have to edit the photo you wanna post on the Instagram story. Select your photo and click on edit. Then click on “Save”. That’s all, your work is done. Just click on add button in Instagram to add story and swipe up and boom, you will see your photo there.



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