Using a proxy is one of the best methods to bypass from the country or IP Filter. What does this mean?

In this article, I am going to tell you free best proxy sites list that you can use in your daily internet usage and can access any blocked websites because of geographical position.

Before moving to the point, I will first explain to you what is a proxy and  Why we need it?

Proxy: Definition

According to

best free proxy sites

It is an intermediator between your requests over the internet.

It masks your identity or IP address so that it can’t be traced by any mean. It can also change your IP address to meet your geographical requirement to use restricted websites in your location.

Benefits of using proxy sites:

Proxy servers can be useful at many times. Here are some points that may be helpful to explain the benefits of using proxy websites in 2018.


It is one of the major advantages of using a proxy on your computer.

Have you ever thought how you get blocked by a particular website or a website is blocked in your country? How these websites managed to get your location?

The answer is an IP address. It is a unique set of numbers provided to you by your internet provider that is used to find the location.

What will happen if we have the power to change and hide our IP address? Yes, then we will be able to access country blocked websites or can even access a website that is available in particular country.

This will also enhance your privacy as it will mask your identity.

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Development: Geo Location Testing

By using these proxy websites, a developer can test their projects and see how they work in different locations.

By using surveys, developers can collect the suggestions of the audience belonging to different locations.

So, Here is a list of free proxy sites list that you should use in 2018 Proxy is undoubtedly the best proxy site to use. It offers various features like Proxy location, Cookies, encrypting page, etc.

It also provides fast and reliable proxy connection.

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By providing you a chrome extension, it is one of the best free proxy sites. It claims to be the best free web proxy and it is also true. It comes with same options like we have seen in, but the number of locations is limited.

You will only get the United States and Europe as proxy location.

There are also several bunches of tools like the ability to change the browsing agent and OS. These tools may come handy to developers.

I used this proxy site and I found it quite good. The ad blocking feature sometimes works but it’s good.

You will get more location preferences and the ability to block objects, javascript, and ads on your page.


Nord VPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers. It is fast and provides a reliable connection. As a big company, the server speed is great and it is more secure than normal proxies.

It uses premium proxies, so you are in safe hands.

How to use these free proxy sites?

That’s very easy. You just have to insert the URL of the website you want to surf. After that choose location and options like disabling cookies, ads, etc as per requirement.

Should I use other free proxy sites?

These four free proxy sites are my best. I personally use them. These proxy servers are very fast and reliable. All are well-established websites with high-quality https connection.

If you go for some other free proxy sites then you might be at risk.

I will be regularly updating this article.

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