Cloud Storage is one of the essential parts of our life. Many people like in India don’t use these types of Online Cloud Storages. The main reason behind this is they don’t know actually about that. In this article, I will mention some of the best Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Services of 2018 that you can use to secure to data online without worrying about any loss or leaking.

Before mentioning them, I will tell you what is this Cloud Storage and Why we need them. Many people are new to this term. This will be for them. So, let’s start by asking a question.

What is a Cloud Storage?

In simple words, Storing data on the internet, or on the cloud server is called as Cloud storage. It is just like a hard disk on the internet. In a technical manner, A Cloud Storage is a service provided by hosting providers which are responsible for storing data on their servers and that can be accessible and available through the internet.

Cloud Storage is thus a very useful service when it comes to storage, security, accessibility of data. So, when we can use this Cloud Storage Services? This question is answered below.

Benefits of Using a Cloud Storage

There are many benefits of using a Cloud Storage. Here are some listed below;

  • Security: The best thing about this service is that your data is safe. You don’t have to worry about important or sensitive information about you or your company. It is safe on the clouds!
  • Accessibility: Are you wondering to access your data from a coffee shop or from saloon? Yes, then Cloud Storage offers you full accessibility to access your data anytime, anywhere. This is really useful for personal purposes like photographers, who need to showcase their best shots for the portfolio.
  • Expenses: Storing data locally involve more money as you need to buy a hard disk with a computer to read that. Moreover, a person is also hired to access and updated data everytime from Hard disk. But what if you can just access and update your data by yourself from your personal PC or mobile phone without buying Big Storage Drives. Think about that!

Now we have discussed why we need a cloud storage and what are the benefits of using the cloud services. Now I will tell you the best Free Cloud Storage Services in 2018 that you should use for free.

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Best Free Cloud Storage in 2018: Free Cloud Storage Providers


free cloud storage services 2018

Degoo is a free, automatic, online backup solution where you get up to 100 GB of free backup. All files are encrypted using military grade encryption and stored at multiple locations, to ensure maximum reliability. The one thing you have to do is select the folders you want to backup. Degoo will detect any changes and backup your files automatically. You can turn of your computer in the middle of a backup as Degoo will resume your backup when your computer is switched on again.

This is one of the best free cloud storage services that will provide you free 100 GB Cloud Storage! Go and check out now!




free cloud storage services 2018

Most of us will definitely hear about Mediafire before. It is one of the oldest and best free Cloud Storage Providers giving 10 GB free Cloud Storage with end-to-end encryption and sharing option. Not only that, you can get up to 50Gb more free storage on referring a friend.

These are several features of MediaFire. I personally use Mediafire because of the trust I have on it. Features like collaboration with others are exclusive for MediaFire. Over more than 50 million use MediaFire. So, using MediaFire is safe. Moreover, the inbuilt file manager of this service is truly amazing and it’s very simple.


free cloud storage services 2018

By providing free 10 GB Cloud Storage and full security, Box is one of the best free Cloud Storage provider. It provides 10 GB Cloud Storage in Free plan with a limit of 250 MB on upload size. Means, you can upload more than 250 MB file. It has a desktop and mobile applications that will let you upload and download your data from any devices and from anywhere.

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Google Drive

free cloud storage services 2018

As you know, Google Drive is one of the best Cloud Storage provider powered by Google. It offers 15 GB free storage on signup which is shared among all other Google Services like Gmail and Google Docs. It is a very good choice because we all mostly use Google Android on our phone and use Google Search Engine every day. With these, it is really easy to share and upload any new file instantly without going anywhere. Google Chrome has inbuilt Drive app and it also offers various ways to upload the file. Like Google Photos which provides Unlimited photo storage is sync with Google drive.


Yandex is a Russian search engine which is one of the best search engines after Google and Bing. It is just like Google, as it provides features like Yandex.Disk which has the ability to share, upload and download from social media, bulk downloader, automatic mobile uploads, easy drag and drop functionality. It offers 10 GB free Cloud storage on signup that’s great.

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hubiC offers highest Cloud Storage after Degoo providing you 25 GB of free Cloud Storage. This service is for free. All the platform users can install this on their OS and can upload files. You can also create sharing folder through which you can share your files with other users by sharing download link. If you want more storage, then you should try out this one. Because it’s free!

That’s all. These are the best Cloud storage services free you can get. Moreover, it’s very good to use these types of services to secure your data and to protect it from any damage.

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