3D Printed Fashion Competition?

Within the London Fashion week, a champion inside the 2013 Worldwide Woolmark Prize remains announced in February ’13. Christian Wijnants of Antwerp, Belgium will not possess the 100,000 Australian dollar prize, but his collection will likely be transported by top retailers worldwide.

The Earth Woolmark Prize was started inside the 1930’s obtaining a NGO collaborative of produced from made of wool manufacturers therefore we don’t only highlight innovations in produced from made of wool fabrics, and also to encourage design, but additionally to build up our world dependence on produced from made of wool, especially though fashion and apparel. The Earth Woolmark Prize enables you to definitely produce numerous designers including Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

It’s fascinating to uncover how such worldwide competitions help motivate and spur innovation inside the fashion industry. Inside the 3d printing world, competitions may also be a vehicle to advertise the place, enable the innovation especially growth of new materials, and also to help develop new 3D Printing design talent.

In relation to 3d printing and fashion, i.Materialise could be a leader in proposing worldwide challenges. These challenges have helped to produce to light numerous amazing 3d printing designers, and also have extended the imagination in relation to 3d printed accessories. Numerous i.Materialise past competitions have incorporated the Hats Away and away and off to 3D Printing Challenge, in addition to Metal Accessories Challenge, The Bead Design Challenge, combined with the i.materialise Jewellery Design Challenge. The winning kinds of these challenges are actually displayed in broadly publicised and incorporated in worldwide press fashion shows, such as the summer time time time time 2013 3D Printed Fashion show in Malaysia, the very first ever fashion show to happen in Asia.

Shapeways offers promoted numerous contests, most particularly the iPhone accessory contest, obtaining a couple of interesting results.

Yet as individual companies, there’s just a good deal that individuals.Materialise and Shapeways can do. Need now’s a company collaborative, an association of 3d printing companies, 3d printing suppliers, although some active in the Additive Manufacturing/Rapid Prototyping/ 3d Printing field.

This type of collaborative enables these companies to get together to create a company for promotion inside the additive manufacturing industry, towards the produced from made of wool marketplace is doing. Among possibly more ambitious goals of setting industry standards and quality measures, this kind of association could announce an annual fashion competition acquiring a substantial (for that winning designer) prize. The quantity would this type of competition help find amazing designers, and supply the 3d printing for your forefront of favor!

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