3 Tips And Techniques That You Can Adopt To Reduce Network Security Concerns

Cybercrime has been in existence since forever; however, its severity is something that has become more challenging. Cybercriminals use newer tools and means to make existing malware more lethal; therefore, making recovery tougher. Some major incidents of a security breach include the hacking of Google, Facebook, Uber, and eBay. When giants such as these haven’t been able to defend users completely, the threat that looms over all other businesses can only be imagined.

The tremendous increase in the number of internet users and internet operated devices is yet another reason that has contributed to the alarming increase in the number of cyber attacks. Therefore, you must adopt multiple advanced techniques to protect the network system of your company.

How To Boost Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity cannot be left alone by installing a firewall and antivirus apps. The surprising advancement in malware and phishing scams calls out for better techniques as the ones listed below.

  1. Unique Password

A weak password can no longer protect your devices and account. Statistically speaking, most kinds of frauds happen due to poor password management. Therefore use a unique and smart password. The tips to implement this practice involve the following steps.

  • Use no less than 8 characters
  • The characters should be random
  • The characters should contain uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols
  • Do not use passwords that are names of loved ones or date of births. These are too simple to guess
  1. Network Segmentation

Refrain from storing the information of all the departments in one single network. Instead, make different independent networks. Save bits of information from different departments in their respective networks only.

  1. Employee Management

It involves quite a few steps that are all equally necessary.

  • Check the whereabouts of all the new employees before hiring them
  • Delete the access authentication of the employees when they leave the company
  • Arrange for lessons and security seminars to educate employees about the ways in which they, unknowingly, expose the company to threatening malware and viruses
  • Encourage employees to not use any tool outside the virtual security perimeter of the company for the sake of finishing tasks early
  • All employees should have their own specific usernames and passwords
  1. Least Privilege Technique

The least talked about yet one of the most effective cybersecurity practices is the least privilege technique. It involves allowing only limited access to the relevant information only to the employees instead of giving them access to everything. It helps in limiting the damage that can be caused by internal threats.

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